Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Final Hour

Andrew Klavan is one of my favorite Thriller authors….and he certainly did not disappoint me with Book Four of the Homelander Series….”The Final Hour”. Teen-ager Charlie West is in prison for the death of a friend. And not just any prison, but Abingdon Prison, where beatings are a daily occurrence and death seems to be moments away. Because of something he sees in flash-backs of a time before being sent to prison, he knows that the remaining members of the Homelanders are planning a terrorist attack on NYC. But getting someone to believe him seems impossible. He feels like there is no way out until an unlikely group within the prison asks him to join them in a prison break….and he makes the decision to go with them. Through many twists and turns, including flying and landing a small plane, he finds help on the outside and at the very last moment stops Prince from setting off a device of poisonous gas in Times Square on Year‘s eve….and in so doing saves millions of lives! A great ending to a wonderful series.
So….if you love a fast-paced thriller that leaves your head spinning….this book is for you! I highly recommend it!

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