Thursday, March 10, 2011

Voices of the Faithful

Do you have a heart for Missions and want to hear more about what is happening on the Mission Fields…….then you will want to read Book 2 of “Voices of the Faithful”. It is a series of daily devotionals compiled by Kim P. Davis and written by Missionaries currently serving in other countries. This book not only inspires the reader to courageously spread the Good News to those on our “mission field”, but it also is a wonderful source of information about the cultures of other countries and religions. In reading this book I have learned things about other religions that I had never heard before. One thing that really made an impression is that when Muslims are being wooed by the Holy Spirit they have dreams about Jesus……then as they are later approached by someone with the Gospel message they understand who the Missionary is talking about. It is also made clear to the reader that new believers in many countries do not have the freedom to express their new beliefs… fact, they are many times shunned by family, persecuted by governments, or perhaps even martyred for their new faith. This is definitely a book that I am recommending.