Thursday, June 9, 2011

Out of A Far Country

“Out of A Far Country” is written by Christopher Yuan and Angela Yuan, a Mother and Son who traveled a troubled and dangerous road through homosexuality, drugs, and prison that eventually led them both back home. Christopher was the Son of Chinese immigrants who felt as a young child that he was somehow different from other kids and these feelings led him into a gay lifestyle. His Mother Angela was so distraught with her son’s choices and the fear of what might happen to him that she tried everything in her power to “change” him. When she felt like she was absolutely at the end of her rope God showed up in an interesting turn of events and she realized that not only was her Son a Prodigal, but she was as well. She gave her life to the Lord and gave her fears for her Son to God and began to trust Him with he results. Angela started praying and fasting for her Son, spending many hours on her knees in her makeshift prayer closet. When Christopher was imprisoned for drug dealing instead of being fearful she had a calm assurance that God was going to work in his life while he was in prison…..and He certainly did! While in prison Christopher found out that he had been infected and was HIV positive…..but more importantly he found God in prison which turned his life in a direction that he never thought possible and eventually it led him back home.
This is a powerful story of hope, love, forgiveness, and redemption….it is amazing to see the way God works in the lives of this Mother and Son. I highly recommend this book.

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